Ball valves manufacturer

ball valves manufacturer

Experience as basis for innovation

Since 1977, Penta is a ball valves manufacturer, specializing in the production of metal seat ball valves for critical operating conditions such as:

  • high temperatures (up to +700°C)
  • low temperatures (down to -196°C)
  • abrasive services
  • dangerous services

For 40 years, we have cooperated with our customers to identify the most suitable construction for the real operating conditions, offering unique technological solutions and high technical skills.

The company, which is privately run, aims at the constant innovation in the sector of ball valves manufacturer, thanks to a young and skillful staff and continuous research activities, designed to extend the life of the products and to identify new technical solutions.

Quality and reliability

Main goal of Penta Srl, ball valves manufacturer, is to combine full customer satisfaction with environmental protection and pollution prevention. For this, in the last few years, the company has been working with the aim to protect the environment and improve the safety of its products.

Fields of application

Penta is a ball valves manufacturer for different fields of application.

  • Refineries ­ this is the main field of activity for the company, where high temperatures and high pressure/temperature combinations are present. For this sector, the unique self­lubrication characteristics of Pentafine metal seats offer unparalleled solution, ensuring the lack of seizure between ball and seats, avoiding valve blocking both in case of high frequencies of operations that for rarely operated valves.
  • Petrochemical industry ­ Increasing demands of higher operating temperatures make this sector one of the main field for the use of the Penta valves, thanks to the wide allowable operating temperatures that a single valve can withstand. SAT model valves equipped with Pentafite seats are able to work, without other changes than body material, on temperatures between -­100°C to +700°C.
    The low coefficients of friction of the Pentafite seats allows a reduction of the valve torque up to 40% in comparison to other solutions with other common metallic seats.
  • Thermal power stations ­ Overheated steam and the high pressure feeding water are typical applications solved in this sector. The use of our unique technologies allow the use of the ball valves construction in positions generally occupied by other types of valves.
  • General Industry ­ There are a wide range of applications with medium temperatures (up to 350°/400°C) for which the model AP has been specially developed, a cheaper solution than the same valves of the SAT model.
  • Research and Development ­ This is the sector in which the extreme temperatures, abrasive fluids and special construction arrangements find always our company ready with unique solutions and cutting edge solutions.

Company certification

In addition to the certification of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 (obtained in 2003), the Company obtained the certification of the environment management system according to ISO 14001, in 2014, confirming its constant commitment to improve the quality of products and professional service, while respecting the environment.

Penta Srl company policy document is available on request.

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