Self ­lubricating metal seats

What is Pentafite

PENTAFITE is a self ­lubricating metal seat, a metallic compound with metallic matrix and fine dispersion of solid lubricant inside. It is obtained by a manufacturing process similar to sintering with which, starting from fine powders of the single component, is possible to produce the metallic rings that form the seat insert for our metal seated ball valves for services with high temperature, high pressure or with combination pressure/temperature higher than tolerable limits for polymeric material.

Main properties of Pentafite self-lubricating metal seats

Self lubrificating metal seats

Perfect Tightness

The elastic properties of PENTAFITE seat material allow the automatic adaptation of seats against ball shape, eliminating machining imperfections. In this way it is possible to avoid any possible leakage and meet the perfect tightness of seat­ball combination.

Low Valve Torques

The presence of solid lubricant within the metal matrix enables to reduce the coefficient of friction between ball and seat, while reducing the operation pairs of the valve. For the same reason you can avoid seizures, even in the presence of high operating temperatures or high specific pressures of contact.

Easy Maintenance

Considering that you do not need adjustment between seat and ball, the seat does not need to be lapped on the ball before the installation. The result is an easier assembly and maintenance of valves with PENTAFITE seats.

Perfect tightness with gas

Being it possible to achieve high specific pressures of contact between the seat and the ball thanks to the presence of the solid lubricant dispersion into the metal matrix, the coupling seat­ball is capable of retaining high­pressure gases.