Graphite gasket

Graphite gasket used in Penta valves are designed and sized according to the rating category of the valve and the target service.

The basic material of this high temperature gaskets; is Graphite or Thermiculite depending handled fluid. No polymeric materials are generally used in our valves, if not expressly required.

Graphite gasket can be used with cryogenic temperatures down to 1 96°C or temperatures reaching 400°/1000°C depending on whether the fluid is oxidizing or not. Moreover, they can be used in environments with harmful gases.

Characteristics of graphite gasket

Unique design

Their design is unique: packings are made internally upon a specific design, using our special moulds, starting from first quality expanded graphite tape.

Perfect tightness

The packing profile of graphite gaskets is designed in order to maximize the tightness.
Shape and density are calculated and optimized to ensure a perfect tightness even in extreme operating conditions.

Wide range of applications

Thermiculite is an alternative gasket material for those cases where the operation is oxidizing.

Using design criteria and production procedures similar to Graphite Penta versions can extend the field of application of its valves, even in cases where pressure, temperatures and operation are particularly challenging, making them perfect high temperature gaskets.

Selfadjusting stem tightness

In all Penta valves, the stem tightness system is made­up of a double barrier in order to create redundancy and a double safety against leakage to the outside.

In all models, stem packings are the result of a unique Live Loaded Design, in order to recuperate the wear caused by large number of operations and maintain the optimal load, while ensuring a perfect tightness over time.