Enviromental Commitment

The system adopted by the company considers the needs and expectations of the community regarding the impact that Penta’s activities generate on the environment.



Consistently with the Company’s Quality and Environment Policy, over the years Penta has introduced a management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001, wich means:

We Recognize the contribution of every single worker of the company to obtain the overall quality of the products we share and approve every effort aimed to a quality improvement.

We Promote within the company constant attention to customers, to their needs and satisfaction.

We Undertake to provide adequate resources to manage the development, maintenance and improvement of our Integrated Quality and Environment System.

We Work to ensure the improvement of the level of environmental performance, keeping the environmental impact of company activities under control.

We Ensure the availability of the necessary human resources, specialist skills, technologies and financial resources to achieve the established objectives, as well as the coordination of the various activities and the integration of work processes.

We Ensure the integration of the environmental management system requirements into the Company’s business procedures