• Penta soft seated ball valves

    The main characteristics of our soft seated ball valve are: lower operating torques, automatic overpressures body cavity relief and totally bidirectional.

  • Penta valves for vessel industry

    The Bilge: area of the boat, located in the lowest part of the engine room, where all non-conveyed discharges from small losses in pipes, joints or pumps are collected.

  • Superior fire resistance of Penta Valves

    In 2014 a fire broke out in one of the main refinery in Italy. Our metal seated #ball valves have been exposed for 20 minutes to fire at temperature higher than 650°C.

  • Penta Srl experience in nuclear power

    Our power nuclear plant experience with Orbinox UK Ltd.

  • Penta Valves for LNG Market

    In 2015 our model SAT CRIO has obtained American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Approval for use on LNG, liquefied natural gas, vessels carrying.